Circa 2021

In the course of our typical frenetic existence, a moment of relaxation, recuperation, and reflection–a little room to breath, if you will–goes a long way. Enter Slow Draw, the solo project of Mark Kitchens, who you may know as one half of doom-jazz duo Stone Machine Electric. As a vehicle for sparse and ambient soundscapes, lightly steeped in exploratory psych and the meditative drawn-out cadence of drone, Slow Draw is an apt descriptor for its own relaxed presence.

Across a series of releases, Kitchens has consistently imbued each sonic element with an unhurried purpose, which, in turn, provides a welcoming and clutter-free environment. There is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. As a result, Slow Draw creates an ideal ambience for the listener to bask, in the words of The Ripple Effect, “in a sea of serenity and quiet detachment.” However, while reminiscent of a meditative soundtrack, this isn’t music that simply fades into the background. Balancing a deliberately meager palette with a keen ear for intriguing composition, Slow Draw never fails to deliver a wholly engrossing listening experience.

Praise for Slow Draw’s prior work:

“It is simply impossible to listen to the four tracks on Quiet Joy and not be transported to a place where you are temporarily removed from yourself. A place where you are able to observe and appreciate all your deepest, darkest fears and doubts without fear or anxiety.” The Ripple Effect

“If your imagination is able to cut itself loose from its narrowed, limiting tethers, able to take flight upon wings of otherworldly-ness, then Slow Draw provides the soundtrack for your journey.” Riff Relevant

Gallo is a moment in the sun at the end of a day with nothing on your mind–and if you can replicate that feeling and headspace, you’re doing something right. For those moments when you need to unwind, Slow Draw comes recommended!” Sleeping Village Reviews